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That Time True Blood Made Me Smell Like the Ocean In Winter

In In which we watch too much television, Katie on July 14, 2010 at 11:08 pm

Here are my thoughts on this week’s True Blood*! Because I know people are super-excited to hear all about them!

  1. This beauty parlor that Alcide’s sister (Janice) works at, where Debbie (Alcide’s ex-fiance) gets her hair done? Probably needs to lose its license, because her hair is awful. But Janice’s Sookie makeover, while ridiculous, was delightful.
  2. I am uncomfortable with Bill’s explanation of last week’s epic safewording (which was, so far as I could tell, that he was attempting to kill his love for Sookie). I also continue to think that Lorena doesn’t quite like Bill’s rough treatment of her as much as she tries to make him think – it still strikes me as a bit desperate (see last week’s comments discussion). And I have a lot of Feelings and Thoughts  about the Bill/Lorena relationship, but…another day, I think.
  3. I am more comfortable with the prospect of Bill out of Sookie’s life, because when he’s being all broody mainstreaming vampire, he’s boring, but when he’s being all mean, bad vampire, he doesn’t manage to pull it off with Eric’s aplomb. Still Team Eric.
  4. Sookie’s “shut the fuck up” was delightful. And I really enjoyed her interaction with Alcide (though why he thought he should put a shirt on is really beyond me). Also, Sookie gets manipulative when she really wants something. I think I like it.
  5. Still bored by Sam’s whole story. And by Sam.
  6. Lordy, Franklin lost Chuck Bass status fast. He is creepy and awful and can’t someone cut Tara a break? I want Tara from the first episode back. (I am interested, however, to find out where this whole storyline goes, much as I would like for Tara to just stake this fucking asshole right quick and get it done with).
  7. Eric’s Sookie fantasies are amazing. She thinks he smells like the ocean in winter? She calls him cowboy? I’m picking up a little “longs for someone to know him (and not just biblically)” from Eric, maybe especially since Godric is gone?
  8. I think I enjoy Jason’s blackmail attempt and the general direction they’re taking him this season (personal growth and downward spiral? Nice). Not as much as I enjoyed Kenya’s “I guess the only way to get a promotion in this town is to drink like a fish, hallucinate farm animals, and shoot a black man.”
  9. Jessica didn’t annoy me as much this episode. Also, “picketing the baby-killing factory” was my third-favorite line this episode. Maybe. There were really good lines in this episode.
  10. I’m intrigued to see where the Lafayette/Eric relationship goes, though I wasn’t thrilled that L. needed Eric to rescue him.
  11. Continue to love Pam. Love Eric even more for loving Pam. Might love Pam even more for trying to pin the V-selling on Bill, though I have a feeling that’s not going to go so well for her.
  12. I really, really hate the whole Bill Procures bit. It upset me. Kind of a lot.
  13. Intrigued to know more about the mechanics of being a werewolf.
  14. Oh Bill. The look on your face when you realize that Sookie is in trouble…almost makes me like you a little more. Almost.

*You guys, I swear I have thoughts about things that aren’t True Blood. But I’ve been really busy at work, and as such have been mostly thinking about work things that are probably best not discussed here. But in case you were wondering, I find cargo leggings appalling.

  1. I really cannot imagine why she would want him to put on a shirt. That is just a terrible life decision, Snookie.

    And I kind of like Jessica! She’s figure it all out!

    • Yeah! I like her better, I think, when she has some idea what she’s doing…maybe because she doesn’t whine then.

  2. I think that if Bill continues down this path, you should actually give *him* Chuck Bass status. Because I don’t mean to be more interested in him as a character (nor find him more attractive) when he’s being a dick, an I-have-my-reasons-which-are-mostly-silly, genuinely complicated sort of a dick, but still . . . I just kinda am. He’s simply more interesting now, and given that he’s apparently been working for Sophie Anne longer than Sookie’s been alive, that means that Bill has been running a nice guy con on all of us for nearly three seasons. It also begins to resolve the disconnect between Jazz Age, “let’s fuck with wild abandon in the blood of our victims” Bill and Season 1 Modern day, “I’d love to speak to your grandmother’s historical society and court you” mainstreaming Bill. It makes you wonder who Bill actually is, and whether or not, especially now, even he knows. And isn’t that part of the Chuck Bass mystique? You’re pretty sure, mostly, that he might be a good person on the inside, maybe, but you’re absolutely positive he probably did something fucked up this week as a coping mechanism?

  3. I wish I was a lady-identifying lady type so I could contribute to this here blog.

    Well, not the True Blood part. Blech.

  4. I definitely DEFINITELY wanna.

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