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Themeday Thursday: Muppet Diploma Island

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What the fuck is Themeday Thursday? Glad you asked.  It’s an idea predicated on something I’ve returned to a few times as a term of art – curating the Internet, or functionally what happens when one becomes a node for the online dissemination of Interesting Shit.  (I personally would never have achieved this status without other people sending cool things to me that I turn around and spread to other potentially interested parties, but there you are.)

I’ve noticed that sometimes, or really rather often, weeks or days online seem to develop themes – there seem to be a lot of posts about a particular subject, or a number of lines being drawn between ideas and about particular concepts.  (Like the 23 enigma, but way less creepy.)  Rather than fight the feeling, and knowing that many of us collect Interesting Things on the Internet like so much electronic detritus, we’ve instituted Themeday Thursday to force regular posting with groupish overtones, take advantage of the sort of e-recycling we all do anyway, and give folks a lot of random shit to click at work in anticipation of hitting the weekend running.  And we’ll happily do theme mash-ups as well.  (See also this post.)

Unofficial tagline – Themeday Thursday: At least it’ll get you to Friday.

The idea is that either weekly or fortnightly – we haven’t decided yet – we’ll post a link saturated themepost on Thursdays.  It will include both links that prompted the post, as well as other links we’ve seen days (or even years) past over the course of our Internet wanderings.  If we missed something awesome, please feel free to drop a link in the comments; if it comes up, we’ll make a special update section at the bottom of the post and add in additional intel until the next Themeday Thursday post drops.  (Sometimes, we’ll refer to this as ThTh for shorthand.  Alliteration is the bomb-diggity.)

This past couple of weeks have been rife with posts/links/whathaeyou about the futility and struggle of higher education – clearly Friends of RIEtc. like to start the school year on a high note – and MUPPETS, the latter being pretty much the opposite of futility or struggle, and instead being filled with the power and glory of complete awesomeness.  So, since we’ve been seeing a *lot* of grad school is ricockulous articles, as well as a metric fuckton of Muppet-related media (we’re not complaining), this week’s ThTh linkblitz combines (and apparently offsets) the two.  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

These Young Artists? Highly Recommended.

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Tricky post, this. Three word sentences. No more. Maybe less. But no more.

Why? Form is content. I’m art-dumb. A total noob. But this stuff? I like it! You should see. I tell you. Toddler-style. (Picking my nose. AND eating it. I commit, people.) Metaphorically me. You know, art-related. I’m telling you. Me stupid.

Anyway. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Shit Mondays: You dreamed a dream, Rikka . . .

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Hello!  Welcome to Make Shit Mondays, where the posts are right-brained and the attitude is crafty and just your type.  (I swear, it won’t always be mixes – the future holds the making of tangible objects, like um, clothes and plushies and electronics and art and accoutrement and food and drink and whatever else we can get our hands on, as well as music.)  And sorry to be tardy to the party – there were some computer issues but things seem peachy now, thankfully, and barely in time for this to yet be a Make Shit Monday post to boot.

That being said, I’m a bit of a mixaholic – I have no problems admitting I have a problem, except for that part where it is totally awesome and not a problem at all and I accept the things I cannot change, rearrange everything else, and have the wisdom to know when to fadeout.


Athena: The First Mixtape.

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Law & Order: Zombie Pontiff Edition

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Welcome to Pope of the Day!

Papa Diei

a feature where we meet a Vicar of Christ, successor to Peter, and general all-around binder-and-looser and holder of the crossed keys

Today’s pope:


Executive Summary: This pope of the day will feature Carolingian politics, bananas, and THE CADAVER SYNOD (get so pumped, it really lives up to the name)

Formosus was a ninth-century pope, and as the old saying goes, “Rome in the ninth century was a complete fucking mess.”[1] Following the death of Charlemagne and the breakup of the Carolingian empire, the usual politicking in Rome among old families expanded to include constantly shifting alliances of convenience with various Frankish successor factions (pro tip: partible inheritance is for losers!).[2] Read the rest of this entry »

Appropriate Conduct in the Vicinity of My Labia

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“That was amazing, but if we’re going to do it again, you’re going to have to shave your twat.”

I sat on the edge of the bed in shocked silence, not certain if I had heard correctly. My performance was spectacular, but there wouldn’t be an encore unless I altered my physical appearance? Did someone actually say that to me?

“I don’t like body hair. It’s disgusting,” he elaborates. Ah, wonderful.

I gathered up my clothes and left, feeling dirty and ashamed, mortified that my ladybits were, apparently, an overgrown forest that, to some, was disgusting. Even after they had enjoyed the privilege of frolicking in my meadow.

I understand that some people have preferences for that kind of thing, and sure, I’ll be happy to discuss those preferences. But “you’re going to have to shave” because “body hair is disgusting?” Please. I mean, really, what gives you the right to dictate my genital grooming habits? Read the rest of this entry »

I Probably Owe Sir Mixalot an Apology

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I dunno, maybe he’d think it was funny – Sir Mixalot seems like a dude with a sense of humor in interviews – but when life (or awesome friends) send you this:

"I like big books"

Oh. Mon. Dieu., Becky, regarde sa bibliotheque . . .

There’s pretty much only one acceptable response: Read the rest of this entry »

Fireside Chats: Not My Standard Mixtape

In Didn't you know this is a music blog?, I Make Things, Rooks on August 11, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Part of the reason I love the format of the “mixtape” over that of the “playlist” – misnomered though mixtapes mostly are these days – is the built-in constraint.  With a playlist, you can do any ol’ length; if you have enough covers or “songs with jewels in the title” or “auditory anachronisms” (all playlists I have) you can make a playlist as long as your individual storage capabilities can handle.  There’s no laboring over the tough edits and tougher calls, and there’s really, at least to my mind, none of the requisite storytelling – thematic, atmospheric, or otherwise – that comes with construction of a mixtape.  Sure, any mixophile worth their salt will be minding their transitions, regardless of format, but a mixtape forces a certain degree of choice, whether one wills it or no; the meaning is built in, and because for whatever reason you chose those specific songs, a mixtape can, I think, always be deconstructed, parsed, in a way that a playlist simply cannot.  Put another way, if the difference between a writer and a playwright is more than the spelling, is the requisite emphasis on the holistic crafting of a work due to the nature of the medium in which it will be consumed, I’d argue that the distance between a mixtape and a playlist, as I define them, can be measured in much the same way. Read the rest of this entry »

Biblical Knowledge: The Intersection of “Reality” and Religiosity, and What We Can Glean from Cameron’s Exit from “The Glee Project”

In Rooks, This verges on the ridiculous on August 5, 2011 at 11:18 pm

First of all, why are they usually only called bunny (ear) quotes in the context of scare quotes?  Aren’t all quotes technically bunny quotes?  I’m just sayin’.  Also, this post is stupid long.  That’s what we get for taking, what, a nearly year long hiatus?  ALSO, FOOTNOTES!  It’s not perfect – a number of the notes have embedded links that are only visible at the bottom of the post – but if you hover over a footnote with your mouse, the text of the note will appear without your having to scroll down.  Dude, I was friggin’ excited as hell.  (Maybe because there are 24 footnotes in this post.  No, I’m not kidding.)


Clearly many of us on RIE own that we watch a lot of TV, much of it fucking ridiculous.  On a personal level, beyond all the fictional stuff and all the sports, not to mention the standalone category of Things that Appear on HBO, I’m personally a huge fan of competitions that require some degree of actual skill.  (Ok, and maybe the occasional season of “Survivor” or “Big Brother.”)  “Project Runway” (Mondo 4evah), “Top Chef” in all its incarnations (way to not choke, Blaise!), SYTYCD (Sasha. SashaSashaSasha.) . . . I will gladly watch the heck out of some “reality” tv.  (What can I say, I like to veg.) Read the rest of this entry »