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These Young Artists? Highly Recommended.

In Artsy Fartsy Fuckface, Bezuidenthustra, Don't Tase Me Bro!, n00b Recommendations, Semantic Fuckery, Three Word Sentences, Verbs are people too on August 23, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Tricky post, this. Three word sentences. No more. Maybe less. But no more.

Why? Form is content. I’m art-dumb. A total noob. But this stuff? I like it! You should see. I tell you. Toddler-style. (Picking my nose. AND eating it. I commit, people.) Metaphorically me. You know, art-related. I’m telling you. Me stupid.


Dylan Humphries

Skeletor DJ! Nice board, too.

This Dylan kid. Canadian. From Nelson. Studying in Vancouver. Met at Shambhala. Camped with him. Accidentally, but still. Fantastic guy. True depth. Young but wise. Yadda yadda. Like he’s Yoda. But I digress.

Waste bin tag. Called Slut Dog. Huh.

Check his shit. Adbusting. Brandfucking. Surging colors. Dynamic lines. Quirky detail. A cartoon savant. Hip-hop sensibilities. Looney Tunes echoes.

Face punch art. Eat this, childhood! Best part? Waste bin tag. That dog’s nuts. Or that DJ. Skeletor Beatz? Fuck yeah! Flava’s clock! Lots more, too. Take a look.

Sweet shit! Dylan Humphries, everyone. Even on Facebook.

Olivia Lazer

Then there’s Olivia. From Alabama. Now Seattle-based. Photographer. Sketch artist. Etcetera.

I lied. Faded out faux-nostalgia. With a twist.

Now, photography? Not my bag. Generally, I detest. Got a camera? Everyone’s an artist. (NOT.) So, yeah… Usually, I’d avoid. But this stuff? Catches my eye. Clever juxtapositions. Eccentric subjects. Meticulous posing. Gift for contrast. Feels unique. Feels intriguing. No hipster fade-outs. No faux-nostalgia bullshit.

Love, Mom.

Beyond that, sketches. More my thing. Check out Demotivators. Simple ideas. Abundant character. Twisted animals abound. Armadillos? Goats? Elephants? You got ’em. Udder frogs? Emo whales? Unicorn anteaters? Yup, they’re there. Caustically brilliant. Ideal for anti-sentimentals. Or sentimental anti-idealists. Whatever.

Point is, awesome! Olivia Lazer!

Check ’em out. I urge you. Then? Spread the word. They deserve it.

Or mock me. Right here. In this thread. Do it.

The end.

Whatever, yo.

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