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On the Death of Character: What’s Wrong with Series Crime Procedurals?

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Unrealistic like that one Jimmy Smits vehicle where a reasonably young SCOTUS justice decides to step down and start a defense practice due to extreme bench conversion (and blackmail). Except for how nothing could be that unrealistic.

The TV show “Castle” – yes, I watch it, and I have no shame surrounding this fact – originally opened with a number of people lambasting the titular character, Richard Castle, a crime procedural author, because he killed off his cash cow, a character by the name of “Derek Storm.”  (Yes, really.)  Why on earth would Castle do such a thing, ask his literary pals, his family – why kill off such a successful franchise?  Castle repeatedly chalks this awfully unrealistic move up to a lack of inspiration, which I translate as, quite simply, boredom.  He was over Derek Storm (and who wouldn’t be, given that name?) and it was time to do something new.

Having read a fair few of these sorts of novels, the question really isn’t one of why.  It’s how on earth could you blame him?

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Make Shit Monday – Catfish 2(Ways): Catfish Goes to Camp!

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No, it doesn’t. It goes to my cast-iron skillet and gets filled with delicious.  Which is like camp, in that now it’s never gonna write.

And after it begged for the really nice stationary, too.

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Dear Slate

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Dear Slate,

Sometimes you have really interesting article subjects, but you seriously need to finesse reconciling the headlines with the subject matter.  This article – Porn That Women Like: Why Does It Make Men So Uncomfortable?” –  isn’t about the porn women like, it’s about the porn stars women like, and really about one particular dude who, from only a brief foray onto Jezebel, I can tell you is merely one of several (male) porn stars women like.   (That is, if we allow for the notion that it would be crazypants for women to like woman identified porn stars, and if we allow for the presumption that women are a uniquely under-served porn consumption community, regardless of the non-“mainstream” options available to them, and monolithic with it to boot . . . both of which we likely shouldn’t do, but I’m late for my errands.)  Read the rest of this entry »