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Make Shit Mondays: I Don’t Know How This Post Happened.

In I Make Things, Rooks on June 11, 2012 at 6:07 pm

I swear, all I was doing was ruminating over what else one could do with the Hpnotiq that I totally got for MamaRooks, not myself, and somehow ended up with this deliciously refreshing near-summer Solstice cocktail.  It has no name, so leave a comment and name this bev.  Winner gets . . . ummm . . . my gratitude?  I dunno, I’m not good at coming up with prizes.  You can get your own cocktail?*  I will make it from your favorite base ingredients and name it after you.  That’s a decent prize, right?

Mmm, tastes like summer.

Unnamed Tasty Blue Thing

2 oz. Hpnotiq
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. watermelon juice (I used a store-bought blend, so using real watermelon juice might change the proportions)
half a small/medium dollop of Rose’s Lime (it’s to taste, so, um, deal with it, because I have no idea as to a specific amount)

Shake vigorously over ice and strain, serve “up.” I just used a brandy snifter because it was clean – a martini glass would likely be better.

*Well, I still have to make a “Mandy Castle,” but I clearly I won’t forget that I owe you and I will totally get around to it.

  1. you better make the Mandy Castle. But that also looks yummy

  2. Blue ballsy; aqua queen; slappy no-liner; ocean cray-cray; tongue worship. That is all.

    • It’s insufficiently aggressive to be a Blue Ballsy (though now I’m going to have to invent one of those, because that name is genius), but I kinda like Aqua Queen or Ocean Cray-Cray. The former puts me in mind of Aqua Net, and that can’t be a terrible thing right? Lemme think about it, but you may’ve earned yourself a Stuart, sir.

Whatever, yo.

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