The Thing Speaks for Whatever

What the?

In which ten (10) people make a blog, and endeavor to enjoy themselves.

Who? One upon a time, this blog began with five (5) lady-identified ladies.  Now, thanks to equal measures, we hope, of coolness and selective recruitment, there are currently ten (10) people who have all agreed to collectively post things somewhat regularly on this here blog.  Thus far, it just happens to have shaken out that there are only only two (2) dude-identified dudes among them, but the other eight (8) ladies try not to tokenize them.  This post used to say that things could change any time, but ten (10) seems like a plenty healthy number, so we’ll likely settle here for at least a bit.  If you’d like a less orgiastic blog experience, there’re wee icons at the bottom of the homepage that will allow you to view posts by author.  If you’d like to guestpost something, we’d quite possibly like that, so feel free to let us know.

What? We have a large body of interests with a significant degree of overlap.  There will likely be posts on culture (pop and non), news, theory, comics, sex, books, the law, music, crafting, television both bad and good, and whatever else strikes our fancy.  You see, we like to think about stuff, then talk about it. Revolutionary, we know, but that’s why we agreed to this here blog.  Sometimes we will even just post chats, simply because we think they’re funny.  Naturally, if you aren’t interested in something, don’t read it!  We’ll muddle through, honest.  We were interested enough to write it, and at least we have each other.

When? When we feel like it.  There are clearly enough of us to make posts pretty regular, though, or at least that’s the assumption.

Where? If you can’t figure out where the blog is located, given what you’re currently reading, there’s no hope for you.  If you’re wondering where we’re located, we hope you aren’t a stalker!  Simply put, we are a geographically diverse bunch representing just about every geographical area in the US, except for the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic, plus a reluctant Canadian and an overseas ex-pat.

Why? Because we can, and we like hearing and reading about what our co-bloggers think.  If you want to know why you should read it, that’s a question every person needs to answer for themselves.  It’s that deep.

How? With in/appropriate humor, mutual respect, some revolutionary fervor and a great deal of cursing, if our daily lives are any indication.

  1. There is one response, and that response is mine.

    Believe it.

Whatever, yo.

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