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I don’t often protest, but when I do, I Occupy Vancouver on #15Oct.

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October 15, 2011.

Today’s a big day.

Today I am rolling up my sleeves, cracking my knuckles, and drawing a line in the sand.

Today I am Occupying Vancouver.

Wherever you may be in the world today, you should join, too. This is the protest of our generation. Read the rest of this entry »

America Fuc- oh, yeah? Really? I Had No Idea: Fact, Fallacy and Fun Misconceptions about the US.

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On the internet, the self-obsessed are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the bloggers, who say crazy shit; and the readers, who take them up on it.  These are their blogposts.

Which is to say, welcome to 25 Posts in Search of an Author, or, What Happened When Rooks Decided We Needed More “Likes” and Shit Started Getting Real.  Once upon a time on Facebook, I said that the first twenty five people to like the Res Ipsa Etc. facebook page (Dooooo it.) would get a post on the topic of their choice authored by yours truly.  Slowly but surely, topics have begun rolling in, proving once again that our readership is likely as diverse in their interests as RIE’s authors.  As such, I figured it was probably time to hit the ground running.  Each of these posts will likely have some variation on this spiel (if not, you know, this exact spiel), as well as the requesting party and original topic prompt as sent to Rooks/me/whatever the third person is hard.  Without further ado, then . . .

For Juli

Resolved: A post about the most inaccurate and offensive misconceptions foreigners have about “American” culture.

Yes, we all look like this.

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Everything you always needed to know about rugby and its world cup. Plus a little bit extra.

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Seriously. Fuck Invictus. The real shit's so much more epic.

The rugby world cup kicks off in about a week’s time. I’m basically jumping out of my tighty-whities at the prospect of six weeks of bone-crunching action culminating in the crowning of a new world champion. Actually, I’m hoping we’ll just be re-crowning the current world champions, but that’s neither here nor there. Point is, RUGBY.

Okay, I realize I’m not exactly dealing with a bunch of faithful mega-fans here. In fact, I’m thinking my readers will fall roughly into two groups: those who couldn’t really give a fuck about sport, and those who do give a fuck about sport but don’t quite know why they should give a fuck about rugby. (And then there are those of you who saw Invictus and actually felt inspired by the rugby action sequences. Sadly, there’s no hope for you. Those are some of the worst sport sequences ever filmed. Okay, enough about Invictus. Blech.)

Right, looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Hmmm. Read the rest of this entry »

These Young Artists? Highly Recommended.

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Tricky post, this. Three word sentences. No more. Maybe less. But no more.

Why? Form is content. I’m art-dumb. A total noob. But this stuff? I like it! You should see. I tell you. Toddler-style. (Picking my nose. AND eating it. I commit, people.) Metaphorically me. You know, art-related. I’m telling you. Me stupid.

Anyway. Read the rest of this entry »