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50 Shades of Grey: The Internet is Hard, like Your Dad

In Back Door Book Club B!tches 4: Back in the Saddle, Because fuck you exploiters. Fuck you., Docta K, I Chat Therefore I Am, Katie, We's ravin'!, Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. on February 6, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Previously on BDBCB4:BS, we almost ate pancakes.  So, I got sick for awhile and forgot that I’d never posted this, what is probably the last of the Fifty Shades posts.  (This is to say nothing of RIEtc.’s long, long absence.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I suck.)  I say the last because it’s months later and we really don’t care anymore, and besides, we of BDBCB4:BS would like to spend our limited interaction time – now more limited than ever – on something that will not make us quite so, in a word, stabby.  So Book Club is not dead, honest!, but I think Fifty Shades is dead to us, thankfully.  So enjoy this blast from our collective literary past – which totally collapses into a ball of flaming 50 Shade post inside jokes – and take a sec to vote on the future.  No seriously, like, right now (don’t worry, you can pick more than one thing):

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50 Shades of Grey: I Am Noticing Your Pancakes with Irony

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Previously in BDBCB4:BS, we got over-enthused about sharks, if such a thing is possible.  This week in Fifty Shades of Grey, we tackle the morning after, dick cozies, and text speak; discuss the relative value of homemade v. storebought; contemplate the myriad places soap should, in all likelihood, never go; and learn new things about French folklore and gentleman explorers.  Also, we solicit YOU, dear readers!  Keep an eye out for the poll!

Katie: OH HI!

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Docta K: I busted ass out of work. I was like, BOOK CLUB BITCHEZ. I GOTS TO GO.

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50 Shades of Grey: You May Not Be Excused from the Table Until You’ve Finished Your Liver, Fava Beans, and that Nice Chianti

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Previously on Res Ipsa Etc., we learned that stopping a potential rape is apparently an affirmative defense to stalking, and were appalled.  This week, BDBCB4:BS got its first new member in the form of one Docta K – are you excited? We are!  (Despite the fact that our loquaciousness quotient went up exponentially . . . that’s, um, not a mathematical exaggeration.)  We are less excited to still be reading this book, and somehow still have yet to hit any of the reputedly epic sexytimes as we traverse chapters 5-7.  Weirdly enough, by the time you get to the end of this admittedly girthy post, you’ll understand why we think that’s a blessing, not a curse.  Strap in, folks, it’s gonna be a drinky ride! Read the rest of this entry »

Make Shit Mondays: I Don’t Know How This Post Happened.

In I Make Things, Rooks on June 11, 2012 at 6:07 pm

I swear, all I was doing was ruminating over what else one could do with the Hpnotiq that I totally got for MamaRooks, not myself, and somehow ended up with this deliciously refreshing near-summer Solstice cocktail.  It has no name, so leave a comment and name this bev.  Winner gets . . . ummm . . . my gratitude?  I dunno, I’m not good at coming up with prizes.  You can get your own cocktail?*  I will make it from your favorite base ingredients and name it after you.  That’s a decent prize, right? Read the rest of this entry »