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50 Shades of Grey: You May Not Be Excused from the Table Until You’ve Finished Your Liver, Fava Beans, and that Nice Chianti

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Previously on Res Ipsa Etc., we learned that stopping a potential rape is apparently an affirmative defense to stalking, and were appalled.  This week, BDBCB4:BS got its first new member in the form of one Docta K – are you excited? We are!  (Despite the fact that our loquaciousness quotient went up exponentially . . . that’s, um, not a mathematical exaggeration.)  We are less excited to still be reading this book, and somehow still have yet to hit any of the reputedly epic sexytimes as we traverse chapters 5-7.  Weirdly enough, by the time you get to the end of this admittedly girthy post, you’ll understand why we think that’s a blessing, not a curse.  Strap in, folks, it’s gonna be a drinky ride! Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday Themeday: UNICORNS!

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So, as posts here often tend to be stupid long, and thus a sketch plan for a short-attention span generation, we’re going to try something different this supremely autumnal Thursday.

Since today is UNICORN day on RIE, instead of doing one massive post, we’re going to try several smaller ones; depending on how this works out, we may even change the Thursday Themeday concept into semi-monthly themeweek, with a small barrage of bite-sized posts.  Who knows?  Behold the vast and terrible uncertainty of blog identity generation!

Anyway UNICORNS!  Each unicorntastic post will demarcated by the following awesome .gif, courtesy of the wacky brilliance that is Bez: Read the rest of this entry »

Make Shit Mondays: You dreamed a dream, Rikka . . .

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Hello!  Welcome to Make Shit Mondays, where the posts are right-brained and the attitude is crafty and just your type.  (I swear, it won’t always be mixes – the future holds the making of tangible objects, like um, clothes and plushies and electronics and art and accoutrement and food and drink and whatever else we can get our hands on, as well as music.)  And sorry to be tardy to the party – there were some computer issues but things seem peachy now, thankfully, and barely in time for this to yet be a Make Shit Monday post to boot.

That being said, I’m a bit of a mixaholic – I have no problems admitting I have a problem, except for that part where it is totally awesome and not a problem at all and I accept the things I cannot change, rearrange everything else, and have the wisdom to know when to fadeout.


Athena: The First Mixtape.

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You don’t know this yet, but GOBBLE GOBBLE owns you, and you LIKE it!

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Cecil Frena directs traffic. (Photo credits unclear)

God forbid this place should ever turn into a music blog.

Not to say we don’t all love music. We do. Some of us even make wicked awesome mixtapes. USB-styles. But if there’s one thing I think the intersphere has enough of (other than porn sites, of course, although I’m not so sure we can ever have enough of those), it’s music blogs. Nobody likes to prattle on about obscure shit quite like indie music nerds, and there are few places more ideally suited to prattle than blogs. Ahem.

So I’m kind of breaking my own rule by gushing about a band on Res Ipsa, but this is an emergency. You, my dear readers, need to hear about this now. NOW.

Now, before it’s too late, before one of their tunes accompanies an Apple commercial to which an annoying, mange-bearded local hipster, sallow hands shoved disdainfully in the back-pockets of ill-fitting skinny jeans,  sneers, “Oh yeah, I remember those guys, I bought their first seven inch after reading about them on — they were better before they got signed.” Read the rest of this entry »

MixDrive: USB Cassette Tapes Made Easy

In I Make Things, Rikka on July 1, 2010 at 1:05 pm

*UPDATE* I’ve entered the USB contest at! If you’ve enjoyed this post, please go here and vote for my instructable!

I remember the days of the mixtape. Requesting songs from the local radio station and sitting by the cassette deck, finger on the record button. I remember the glorious day I got a dual cassette deck so that I could copy music from one tape to the next. Spending hours making mixes for friends, coloring cassettes with permanent markers or nail polish or glitter. Whatever I had lying around that could safely go into the tape deck probably ended up there at one point or another. They weren’t just plastic cassettes filled with noise, they were little works of art.

With the advent of digital music, it’s all too easy to just send an iTunes gift card and a song list. The tangible aspect of the gift is lost- it becomes wholly intangible. Just a few digital files. It’s not something you can see or touch. As an expression of affection, I feel that this is lacking.  Or would, if it weren’t intangible.

I still want to make mixes for people. I love to give the gift of music. But I want it to be something they can hold. A real world item that they can take out and look at. A gift that has a physical presence. Thus, the MixDrive. Read the rest of this entry »