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50 Shades of Grey: The Internet is Hard, like Your Dad

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Previously on BDBCB4:BS, we almost ate pancakes.  So, I got sick for awhile and forgot that I’d never posted this, what is probably the last of the Fifty Shades posts.  (This is to say nothing of RIEtc.’s long, long absence.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I suck.)  I say the last because it’s months later and we really don’t care anymore, and besides, we of BDBCB4:BS would like to spend our limited interaction time – now more limited than ever – on something that will not make us quite so, in a word, stabby.  So Book Club is not dead, honest!, but I think Fifty Shades is dead to us, thankfully.  So enjoy this blast from our collective literary past – which totally collapses into a ball of flaming 50 Shade post inside jokes – and take a sec to vote on the future.  No seriously, like, right now (don’t worry, you can pick more than one thing):

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Some Loosely Connected Thoughts on Aaron Sorkin’s Verbiage and John Updike’s Package

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Hark, a guest post!  It’s our very first one – we should probably bronze it or something, right?  Our questionable commemorative choices aside, we’re happy Alex was willing to stop on by, and we think you will be too. Alex normally bloviates on the intersection of laws and social norms at Law All Over, but he says he has really enjoyed bloaviating on television and John Updike and hopes to do it again.

First off, full disclosure: I haven’t watched the most recent episode of Newsroom, so I can’t confirm the various reviews and rumors about its general awfulness, though friends tell me it was much better than expected. It’s amazing how fast questions about the show have transformed from “If it’s even better than West Wing, will Aaron Sorkin simply vanish in an orgiastic flash of light?” to “how is something this goddamn sanctimonious still enjoyable? I don’t like myself.” Read the rest of this entry »

On the Death of Character: What’s Wrong with Series Crime Procedurals?

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Unrealistic like that one Jimmy Smits vehicle where a reasonably young SCOTUS justice decides to step down and start a defense practice due to extreme bench conversion (and blackmail). Except for how nothing could be that unrealistic.

The TV show “Castle” – yes, I watch it, and I have no shame surrounding this fact – originally opened with a number of people lambasting the titular character, Richard Castle, a crime procedural author, because he killed off his cash cow, a character by the name of “Derek Storm.”  (Yes, really.)  Why on earth would Castle do such a thing, ask his literary pals, his family – why kill off such a successful franchise?  Castle repeatedly chalks this awfully unrealistic move up to a lack of inspiration, which I translate as, quite simply, boredom.  He was over Derek Storm (and who wouldn’t be, given that name?) and it was time to do something new.

Having read a fair few of these sorts of novels, the question really isn’t one of why.  It’s how on earth could you blame him?

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Biblical Knowledge: The Intersection of “Reality” and Religiosity, and What We Can Glean from Cameron’s Exit from “The Glee Project”

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First of all, why are they usually only called bunny (ear) quotes in the context of scare quotes?  Aren’t all quotes technically bunny quotes?  I’m just sayin’.  Also, this post is stupid long.  That’s what we get for taking, what, a nearly year long hiatus?  ALSO, FOOTNOTES!  It’s not perfect – a number of the notes have embedded links that are only visible at the bottom of the post – but if you hover over a footnote with your mouse, the text of the note will appear without your having to scroll down.  Dude, I was friggin’ excited as hell.  (Maybe because there are 24 footnotes in this post.  No, I’m not kidding.)


Clearly many of us on RIE own that we watch a lot of TV, much of it fucking ridiculous.  On a personal level, beyond all the fictional stuff and all the sports, not to mention the standalone category of Things that Appear on HBO, I’m personally a huge fan of competitions that require some degree of actual skill.  (Ok, and maybe the occasional season of “Survivor” or “Big Brother.”)  “Project Runway” (Mondo 4evah), “Top Chef” in all its incarnations (way to not choke, Blaise!), SYTYCD (Sasha. SashaSashaSasha.) . . . I will gladly watch the heck out of some “reality” tv.  (What can I say, I like to veg.) Read the rest of this entry »

That Time True Blood Made Me Smell Like the Ocean In Winter

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Here are my thoughts on this week’s True Blood*! Because I know people are super-excited to hear all about them! Read the rest of this entry »

That Time True Blood Made Me Safeword

In Katie, True Blood on June 29, 2010 at 12:12 am

Welcome to my home, you guys! And by “my home” I mean “this blog post where I talk about True Blood a lot” and by “talk about True Blood a lot” I mean “mostly think about how Sookie and Eric should have sex like, yesterday (instead of going to Jackson) while typing some rambly bullshit” and by “Sookie and Eric” I mean “Eric and Katie”*.

So anyway. True Blood. I’m not going to recap for you, because, well, too lazy. But I will cast judgment on all of the characters, because it is what I do best!** Read the rest of this entry »