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America Fuc- oh, yeah? Really? I Had No Idea: Fact, Fallacy and Fun Misconceptions about the US.

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On the internet, the self-obsessed are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the bloggers, who say crazy shit; and the readers, who take them up on it.  These are their blogposts.

Which is to say, welcome to 25 Posts in Search of an Author, or, What Happened When Rooks Decided We Needed More “Likes” and Shit Started Getting Real.  Once upon a time on Facebook, I said that the first twenty five people to like the Res Ipsa Etc. facebook page (Dooooo it.) would get a post on the topic of their choice authored by yours truly.  Slowly but surely, topics have begun rolling in, proving once again that our readership is likely as diverse in their interests as RIE’s authors.  As such, I figured it was probably time to hit the ground running.  Each of these posts will likely have some variation on this spiel (if not, you know, this exact spiel), as well as the requesting party and original topic prompt as sent to Rooks/me/whatever the third person is hard.  Without further ado, then . . .

For Juli

Resolved: A post about the most inaccurate and offensive misconceptions foreigners have about “American” culture.

Yes, we all look like this.

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The First Amendment Says I Have to Write This Post and Other Little-Known Constitutional Penumbrae

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Denizens of the internet (you’re all from the United States, right? This becomes important really soon), I would like to introduce you to the most useful and important acronym you will ever know. No, not SCUBA. Not LASER. FAS.

FAS stands for First Amendment Says, and can be employed any time someone tramples your First Amendment rights. Picture this: you’re minding your own business, exercising your First Amendment rights like any good American, and then suddenly they’re trampled! It’s as if a herd of elephants stampeded over the original copy of the Constitution that, if my vague memories of National Treasure are correct, is kept in the Library of Congress when someone isn’t gallivanting about the country with it finding lots of treasure! National treasure.

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